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  • What is Showcase Subscribe?
  • Showcase Subscribe is a subscription program where members can see either one, two, three, or five movies every month for one affordable monthly fee. Members can make advance ticket reservations on the Showcase Subscribe mobile app. Download the app by searching for Showcase Subscribe in the app store or Google Play.

    Showcase Subscribe members are also able to purchase select concession combos on the app and save 15%.

    There is more, Showcase Subscribe members can use their Showcase Starpass number to receive benefits on their monthly membership fee and any additional purchases made on the app.


  • Which theaters participate in the Showcase Subscribe program?
  • All Showcase Cinemas, Showcase Cinema de Lux and Multiplex Cinemas participate in Showcase Subscribe. Our Showcase SuperLux location in Chestnut Hill Massachusetts is not a participating theater.

  • How long does my membership last?
  • New Showcase Subscribe members have a 3-month minimum commitment.  After the minimum commitment passes, your membership will last until you choose to cancel your Showcase Subscribe membership and opt out of recurring billing. As long as you are a Showcase Subscribe member, your credit or debit card will be charged the recurring monthly fee on the same date each month.

  • How can I cancel my Showcase Subscribe membership?
  • You can cancel your Showcase Subscribe membership on your membership page once you have satisfied the three month minimum commitment.  After the cancellation, your membership will not be renewed but you will be able to use Showcase Subscribe until the last day of your plan.  If you cancel within 48 hours of your plan end date, you will be charged for the subsequent period and the change will take effect at the end of your next plan period.

  • Do I get a membership card?
  • Showcase Subscribe members do not receive a physical card. A virtual card will be issued with the purchase of a membership. Your virtual card can be accessed easily through the Showcase Subscribe mobile app.

  • What are the benefits of Showcase Subscribe?
  • Showcase Subscribe members can see one, two, three or five movies per month depending on the plan purchased. Flexible membership options allow you to choose between individual or group plans.

    We also offer plan options for those who like to see movies in premium large formats including Showcase XPlus, 3D, and IMAX.

    Showcase Subscribe members who purchase food and beverage items at the concession stand, quick-service restaurants or in theater restaurants will save 20%.

  • Will any unused movie tickets roll over to the next month?
  • No, unused movie tickets remaining at the end of your subscription month will not carry over.

  • What is a Showcase Subscribe group plan?
  • A Showcase Subscribe group plan is a single membership that provides tickets for 2-6 people. It is a great option for families, couples & friends.

  • Do I need to be at the theatre before the movie if I am the group plan owner?
  • Yes, the Showcase Subscribe group plan owner must be in the movie theater and “check in” using the Showcase Subscribe app to see a movie with their guests.

  • Can I bring different guests each time I would like to see a movie if I purchase a group plan?
  • Yes, you can bring different friends or family members each time you would like to see a movie. You can also reserve a movie ticket for yourself under the group plan if you would like.

  • Will it count as a visit if I reserve a movie ticket for myself while having a group plan?
  • Yes, group plans offer a number of movie days for the number of people chosen during initial plan purchase. In case you would like to see a movie by yourself, a movie day will be deducted from your Showcase Subscribe membership.

  • Can I use my Showcase Subscribe membership to reserve tickets to movies playing in MX4D or Lux Level where available?
  • No, movies playing in MX4D and Lux Level are excluded from the Showcase Subscribe program.

  • As a Showcase Subscribe member, can I reserve tickets through Fandango, or Atom?
  • No, Showcase Subscribe members can reserve tickets through the Showcase Subscribe app.

  • Do I earn Starpass credit on the monthly membership charge or concession purchases made on the app?
  • Yes, monthly membership charges and additional concession purchases made on the app can be applied to your Starpass membership.  Simply link your Starpass number to your Showcase Subscribe account.

  • Do I earn Starpass value for the tickets I reserve?
  • No, you will not receive Starpass value for tickets reserved through Showcase Subscribe. However, you will earn Starpass credit for your monthly membership charges and additional concession purchases made on the app.  Simply link your Starpass number to your Showcase Subscribe account.

  • Can I give Showcase Subscribe as a gift?
  • Yes, we currently have an easy method for gifting in place.  Please visit and check the box indicating that you would like to purchase the plan as a gift.  We will lead you through the process from there.

  • Can I use tickets from multiple movie visits if I wish to reserve more than my allowance for one performance?
  • No, you cannot.  You can use the tickets allocated for one visit depending on the Showcase Subscribe plan purchased.

  • Can I change my Showcase Subscribe plan if needed?
  • Yes, you can change plans however the change will not take effect until you complete your current plan period and your next plan period begins.

  • Am I able to put my subscription on hold?
  • Yes, you can put your subscription on hold for a maximum of 30 days. You will not be charged while your subscription is paused and you may reactivate it at any time.

    If you do not reactivate your subscription within 30 days, it will automatically be reactivated on the 31st day. Your subscription will resume at the exact point at which it was paused; you will have the same number of movie visits and days left in the current plan period as when you paused your subscription.

    You may pause your subscription once in a 12-month period after your initial commitment has concluded. Simply log into your online account to start the hold.