Explicit Consent Text About Personal Data Processing

The main purpose of benefiting the Members and the Users from the Site, planning and performing the processes of Services which is the subject of the Site and the contract, improving the Services, fulfilling the obligations which are arising out of Services, planning and performing the activities which are specializing according to your needs and usage habits, planning the process of loyalty to the Site and increasing the loyalty and the management of the consumer satisfaction,

I accept that I read and understand the Privacy Policy (“Policy”) and the necessary explanation is given to me about that Showcase Subscribe (“Company”) can use my ID information like age, sex, the demographic information like country information, the information of security like password for authentication and accessing the account, physical location information, usage of Site information, the information for payment about collecting, storing, saving, processing, updating, checking periodically, storing and saving in the database, and for necessary conditions, sharing these information with the third parties such as solution partners and relevant state institutions and organizations and these organizations can also store these information.

*In order to the unacceptance of this Text, we will inform you that we will not be able to provide you with the necessary and sufficient services for our processes that require your clear interest and that the commercial and operational activities of our Company will be adversely affected, provided that the circumstances under which your personal data protection law is enforced are reserved.